Class Description


Below is a description of the types of classes we offer at the studio.  As we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been used to unpredictability of the near future.  We currently do not offer all the types of classes listed below, but we hope, eventually, to offer them all again.

Beginner Yoga: This class is for students who have never done yoga before. Lots of emphasis on demonstrating and explaining the poses is given before students attempt them. Having taken this class, students can continue to level I. There are no prerequisite for this class.

Active Restorative Yoga:  (not offered at present) This class has two distinct segments:  the first part is composed of standing and sitting poses, including spinal twists, and is designed to maintain and enhance students strength, flexibility, balance and concentration.  The second part introduces restorative asanas to promote calmness, a quiet mind and a sense of inner peace.  Most of these are performed supine, although some belong to the forward extension group of poses.  Students leave class feeling greatly refreshed and invigorated.

Level I: continuation of beginner yoga: basic standing, sitting and twisting poses are taught, and we introduce inversions. These poses prepare the body for the more challenging Level II poses Level II. Many students choose to repeat Level I as they find the poses are at the right level for them, providing them with flexibility, stamina, focus and balance.

Level I/II: The Level I/II class is suitable for students who have some previous Yoga experience or who have attended some Level I classes. The preliminary poses Iyengar Yoga are taught as well as some of the poses from Level II. Level I/II is a good class to attend if you are progressing from Level I to Level II.

Level II: This class builds upon the Level I training. A wider range of poses is introduced including more demanding standing poses, forward extensions,  backward extensions and inversions. In addition to head and shoulder balance, students will practice full arm balance and elbow balance. (Prerequisite: At least one term (8 weeks) of a level I Iyengar yoga classes, or  permission of the instructor )

Chair Yoga for Everyone:  (not offered at present) This class is designed for folks who wish to be physically active but have either balance issues, mobility issues, severe knee issues but can move if sitting down.  Classical yoga poses are deconstructed into their separate parts to make them available to students.  Students develop strength, flexibility, increase their range of movements, all the while working from and with a chair.  We also simply have some fun for the sake of it!

Restorative Yoga:  This class  emphasizes quietness and inner peace.  The pace of the class is slow, with  demonstration of asanas, and generous use of props.  While there may be some standing poses, most poses will be sitting, supine and supported poses to help the body open through gravity rather than muscular effort.