Class Schedule

It is August and the studio is open, although many of us go camping, go to the beach, go visit parents and children …and not so much friends this year as we protect our little bubbles. And some of us will get together to do yoga. Lucky us!

We offer fewer classes this month because…well it is August! But there will be Iyengar yoga still.

With class size is limited to maintain social distancing, please contact me if you wish to come to class as some classes are full. You can email me at

You need to bring your props to class: a mat, 2 bricks, a yoga belt and a couple of blankets (or towels) for a regular class; it is helpful if you also bring a bolster, 4 chip foams or more blankets for shoulder stand support.

Read the protocol in place while we are operating during the Coronovirus pandemic. See below.

                                                    August SCHEDULE





9:00 – 10:30 AM

 All Levels 


with Suzanne

9:00 – 10:30 AM

All levels



9:00 – 10:30 AM

All levels


with Suzanne


4:30-6:00 pm
Men’s Yoga
with Greg or Suzanne
$52 / 4classes


5:00-6:30 pm
All Levels 


with Suzanne


1:30-3:00 pm
Restorative Yoga, All Levels

with Suzanne



Metchosin Yoga Protocol for Restart 

· Students must register in advance for classes via email and pay for classes via etransfer.  (If you do not have access to etransfer, please contact me to arrange another mode of payment).  There will be no sign in sheets. 

Surfaces will be disinfected daily, including doorknobs, lights switches and the studio floor.

Everyone must bring their own mat, strap and blankets and other props  for class.

·Please arrive wearing yoga attire:  there is no changing room at present.

· We encourage you to wear a mask whenever you may be within less than 6 feet of someone.  Please wear a mask to enter the studio.

·  Please arrive for class 10 minutes before class time.  The teacher will open the door and students will enter one at a time without touching the door handles.

· Class size is limited to allow a distance of 6 feet minimum between students.

· Practice social distancing as you enter the studio and in the parking 

· You will see the green bench by the studio door.  You will put shoes away on the outside shelf and take your mat and props into the studio.  Place your mat on the marks on the floor 6 feet apart. Please do not bring any water bottles in the studio.

· Teachers will arrive 10 minutes before class:  students will wait outside for the door to be opened.

· Teachers and students will not be moving around the studio during class. Teachers will teach with demos and verbal corrections.  Teachers will not touch students for adjustments until we are told we are safe doing them again.

· At the end of class the teacher will call each student by name so that students leave the studio one at a time.

· In the studio, practice silence to avoid aerosol effect and emitting droplets.

· We will not chant the OM and the invocation out loud:  a recording will be played.

Your responsibility in helping Us Stay Safe:

·  Wash your hands for 2 minutes with soap and water (or use hand sanitizer) before coming to class and upon returning after class.

· Consult your doctor about coming to class if you have underlying health issues.

· Stay home if you have any symptoms such as fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, as well as symptoms of allergies.

· If you have registered for class and develop symptoms, stay home until you have no symptoms at all.

· No make-ups or drop-ins class can be done at this time unless arranged/approved for in advance:  this is to ensure we do not exceed the maximum number of students.

· Please call advise me if you develop Covid-19. Do not feel afraid to let me know. We are all vulnerable and we must care for each other. Also inform us if anyone in your direct circle develops Covid-19.

· Bring your own hand sanitizer to class. Use as often as you wish. The Studio will not provide sanitizer.

· If absolutely necessary, you can access the washroom in my apartment downstairs (for the summer months).  Be mindful that this bathroom is shared with others. Use at your own risk. Pick a clean hand towel as you exit the studio, and bring it back for washing.  Use it to open doors and taps. Put soiled towel in green waste basket in the studio entrance.

· To visit with others students before and after class, please congregate away from the house entrance.  Line along the studio outside walls or at the top of the driveway to avoid disturbing the family living in the house.