Drop in fees

  • 90 minute class:  $15.00

If you register for a class for the 8 week of a session, it reduces your fees:

  • for 8 weeks of 1 class/week of 90 minute classes:  $105 (or $13.13/class)

If you register for 2 classes in one 8 week session, you get a further reduction:  $197 (or $12.31/class)

If you wish to do yoga everyday we offer a class:  get an unlimited pass for $225

Refunds: no refunds after the first class.  A credit towards future classes will be considered with a doctor’s note.  $10 Administration fee applies.

Private class:  email Suzanne (metchosinyogastudio@gmail.com) to make arrangement.  Fee:  $65/hour for one person. Additional fee if more than one person. Please email Suzanne for details.